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Life is messy, and I believe words help. I started The Yay Club a few months after unexpectedly losing my mom in the summer of 2020 as a creative outlet and passion project. The Yay Club is intended to be a shiny little part of the internet where you can get lost in thoughts about the messiness of life, hopefully find a sentiment or two that resonates, and just be reminded that someone is out there cheering for you — no matter how thick of mud you may be standing in at the time. As my mom used to tell me, positive thoughts yield positive results; sometimes we all need a little help remembering that.

Here, you’ll find personal essays and top-of-mind rambles, more of a story-letter or virtual coffee chat than a newsletter. There’s a new post at least once a week. If you subscribe (free!), it’ll drop directly into your inbox, and you can also always read it here online. I know the name — The Yay Club — may make it seem like this is all ra-ra toxic positivity type posts, but that’s not it at all; the name was born out of a love for supporting other people, and letting them know someone is out there encouraging them to make it through, and to get to the top of the mountain they’ve been quietly climbing.

I try to share my experiences honestly and openly, in the hopes of normalizing grief and the other messy things we often experience in life that aren’t talked about, either enough or at all. My hope is that if nothing else, this space and my words help anyone reading feel less alone, or like someone else out there sees them.

P.S. I tend to share a lot of random photos of my dog here too, so if nothing else, I hope you subscribe for that. 🥰

About Joelle, the Author of The Yay Club:

I’m a writer and editor in Southern California, and I’ve always been obsessed with exploring the messiness of life, from heartache to figuring out your place in society, to the tiny victories that are often overlooked. Back in the early 2010s (the hey-day of healthy living blogs), I was a wellness blogger and posted almost daily on the (now shuttered) website On a Pink Typewriter. 10+ years later, and I still like to get my thoughts out on "paper;" I need somewhere to rant, to process, to share.

As a freelance writer, I've contributed to outlets like the Los Angeles Times, Runner’s World, SELF, Food52, Shape, Thrive Global, Career Contessa, and more, mainly covering health and culture (including grief). You can see my bylines here on my website.

In my day-job, I’m a full-time editorial lead and executive editor for a Fortune 100 company’s magazine.

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